Double telepresence robot

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Do you want to experience if Double can contribute to your event or play a stimulating role in your organization?

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The Double Telepresence robot is already used by large international organisaties , museums and care institutions. The Double Is the ultimate tool to tele-communicate. With a Double in an office, school or health care organization you are  free to move around. The Double can be controlled with the use of a computer or tablet. Using the simple interface, you move to the desired place where the communication can start as if you are physically there.

Telepresence robot

You can rent the double in combination with a workshop or for an event. You can experience what telecommuting can do for your organisation and how people will respond. Our experience is that people give positive reactions and are curious about the functions this robot can fulfill.

Video Double robot

In the video you can see an application of the Double telepresence robot. Besides this activity, the robot can also be used for entertainment by visitors themselves to run a lap. Call us to discuss the possibilities.

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