Snoezelrobot verhuur Justocat

Social robot JustoCat

JustoCat is a robotcat, a social robot to enhance life for people with severe dementia. Pets obviously provide in the need for physical contact and will give something to care for. Hygiene regulations make it impossible to allow real animals. Allergies and infection risks for people and animals are to be avoided. The nuisance real pets give to others must also be taken into account.


JustoCat only the desired features of a cat

  • The same weight and size of a real cat
  • JustoCat responds to petting
  • JustoCat is washable!

JustoCat is meant as an instrument for interaction and communication

Available from the beginning of 2015

JustoCat will probably be available from the beginning of 2015. Would you like to learn more about JustoCat? Let us know and we will get back to you. In Association with liability renting through individuals is not possible.

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