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Pepper social service robot

Want to experience what Pepper can do for you?

Service robot Pepper

Pepper is Aldebaran’s social robot. Aldebaran is part of the Japanese Softbank corporation. Pepper is the brother of the world famous NAO robot. Pepper is designed and built to be a good friend to people. He will not do your dishes but will remind you of your appointments and read your messages to you. Pepper wil play with you and play music based on your emotions.

Pepper starts in retail

From december 2015, Pepper will be stationed in Japanese Nestlé stores. We expect the English version in the beginning of 2016. To make Pepper social and emotionally smart he packs a lot of technology:

  • 3D camera Touch sensors
  • Self charging (battery lasts 12 hours)
  • Pepper has an information screen
  • Pepper can have conversations

Ask us for the availability of Pepper, starting fall 2016.

Pepper events and workshops

Personally we have already met Pepper. We are now awaiting the English version and the available applications for this robot. When you are interested in this robot, please let us know. We can inform you when we have pepper available for rent..

Workshop or Keynote

Rent a robot? Robot rentals get you acquainted with the possibilities of robotics. Are you interested in the latest developments and want to organize an inspiration session or workshop for your organization? Through the Robot Academy, we can be of service.