Paro robot seal

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Want to experience Paro can contribute to the reduction of loneliness or activation treatment for your clients?

Paro robot

Paro is an advanced interactive cuddle robot seal. Paro is used in therapies for clients in care environments such as hospitals and elderly homes where real living animals cannot be allowed.

A caring robot

Paro has two functions. He wil give warmth and happiness to dementia patients but he can also serve as a conversation piece allowing family and care givers to regain some communication with the patient.

Robot Paro rental

Paro is available for rent. Send us a request so we can discuss pricing and availability. We have helped care givers to fully integrate Paro into their care program. We start inspiring care givers and taking away their fear for technology and robots by showing them the benefits. These are obvious when you allow yourself to put the first fears behind you. Paro has proved to be effective over many times. 

Workshop or Keynote

Rent a robot? Robot rentals get you acquainted with the possibilities of robotics. Are you interested in the latest developments and want to organize an inspiration session or workshop for your organization? Through the Robot Academy, we can be of service.